Members of the military face additional challenges and complications in family law court and in other civil disputes. When you are facing divorce or if you have a pending legal issue, it is critical to consult with an experienced attorney you can trust. New Mexico Family Law, is an Albuquerque, New mexico, law firm with an extensive background working with military families. Dividing property can be complicated at the time of divorce. These cases are even more complicated for members of the military. I am dedicated to helping clients protect their financial security at the time of military divorce. I can help you collect support, or alternatively, help you prevent unmanageable obligations. I can also help you protect your pension or collect part of a pension, if you are a military spouse. I am experienced in family and legal military issues, including:

  • Family law

  • Custody and support

  • Contempt and enforcement hearings

In addition to handling family legal disputes, I also handle a range of issues involving estate planning and wills. I understands the challenges and difficulties faced by military families and will work to protect your hard-earned income. I also have the knowledge and qualifications to handle the additional complications that may arise involving your military status. Generally, the most valuable asset that a military family owns is the military retirement. I understand the complexities of the military retirement system so that your interest can be adequately protected.