The knowledge and abilities of your lawyer are significant benefits in the complicated process of divorce, also known as marriage dissolution. It is important to be well informed about the entire process, including the risks and opportunities in what you would like to accomplish. An experienced and skilled New Mexico family law attorney will help you develop thorough plans in the best interests of your children that are also protective of your assets, property and rights.

I have many years of legal experience, and I practice family law exclusively. I share my knowledge and help all of my clients understand the impacts and consequences of the divorce process. You will be provided with the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions. I can help you paint your picture of post-divorce life — the realities of the positive and negative aspects. I will help you understand in real terms what divorce would mean for you and for your children.

Even in the often contentious and adversarial nature of divorce proceedings there is room for cooperation between parties. I encourage our clients to strongly consider the benefits of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), and I can act as a mediator between parties in even the most complex disputes. However, I know that each client and each case is unique, and some cases must be litigated for my clients’ best possible result.