I help my clients understand the gravity of child custody decisions in a parenting plan. For many parents, child custody is the most important agreement that will result from the divorce process. I’m a parent too, and I can closely relate to the concerns my clients’ have for the well-being of their children and the time they will have with them post-divorce.

I am accessible and attentive to clients throughout the New Mexico and Surrounding areas. I will work personally with you to develop lasting resolutions that satisfy your legal and physical child custody needs within a comprehensive parenting plan.

Your child’s best interests are the most important factors in your parenting plan.An important aspect of this process is education. Usually, parents split legal and physical custody relatively equally, but many circumstances can factor into the custody schedule and the parental responsibilities that are right for your family. I consider ever-evolving family dynamics, parents’ work schedules, and children’s activities and schooling in creating visitation/custody schedules that work for your unique circumstances.